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  • Laser Cat Sweater – Fictitious Aqua Jumper Polyester/ Spandex Pullover

    Carry a story on your sweater with this laser cat sweater. One thing inevitable here is the second look at you from the passers-by or your friends and family. This...
    From $35.13USD
  • Nirvana Cat Sweater – Under Water Animal Blue Polyester/ Spandex Jumper

    This sweater makes you realize of the universal truth as the cat here is drowning but still holding the currency in hand, was this the Curt Cobain Nevermind album cover?....
    From $35.60USD
  • DODGE Christmas Sweater – Dogs Celebration Red Polyester/ Spandex Jumper

    Look at these all cute party ready dogs, would not you like to them your home this Christmas. It’s a must buy sweater for all the dog lovers. With red...
  • Panda Sweater – Stylish Animal Black Polyester/ Spandex Jumper

    Here is a cool and stylish Kungfu Panda sweater. A swagger animal with ornaments is just so classy. Wear this all black pullover and be the party animal and show...
    From $32.83USD
  • Pusheen Cat Sweater – Cute Animal White - Purple Polyester/ Spandex Jumper

    Pusheen, the female cat sweater, is based on the famous cartoon strips or the stickers used on various social media platform posts and on the Pusheen blogs. It was first...
  • Quick View Lama In The Clouds - Cool Sweaters and Hoodies
    Sold Out

    Lama in the Clouds Sweater – Purple Animal Pullover Polyester/ Spandex Jumper

    Here is the Lama sweater for you; it’s neither a sheep nor a camel but lama. Wear this animal printed with clouds on the lavender color background of the pullover....
  • Doge Meme Sweater – Shiba Inu Golden Yellow Polyester/ Spandex Jumper

    Doge – the internet Meme sweater is so cool. Even Shiba’s increased popularity gained, a crypto currency being named after her on December 2013, as Doge coin. This dog meme...
    From $34.65USD
  • Santa Lion Sweater – Jungle King Animal Green Pullover Polyester/ Spandex Jumper

    Golden Christmas decoration and the King on a sweater is not a common idea; so but this amazing looking green Jungle King in a quiet mood jumper. In order to...
  • Quick View Mr.1991INC Big Animals Printed 3d Sweatshirt B9 / XL Just Cool Sweaters Sweater
    Sold Out

    Mr.1991INC Big Animals Printed 3d Sweatshirt

    Cool Mr.1991INC Big Animals Printed 3d Sweatshirt Sweaters that you actually want to wear are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Our polyester/spandex products create a comfortable blend that will...
  • UFO Galaxy Cat Sweater - Green & Black Space Jumper, Polyester/ Spandex Pullover

    Be Aware! Galaxy cats are coming to our planet to abduct humans and rule them. This is the story behind this UFO galaxy cat cool sweater. Flying Galaxy cats are...
    From $35.98USD
  • Space Burger Cat Sweater - Animal Jumpers, Black/Violet Polyester Pullover

    You must be wondering while looking at the Cool sweater here, a cat standing on a burger? Well yes! This is not an ordinary cat; it’s a space cat who...
  • Galaxy Christmas Cat Sweater - Psychodelic Brown & Blue Jumper, Polyester/ Spandex Pullover

    Look at this cute kitten, all set for the Christmas party. Do you want to celebrate this Christmas with this innocent kitten? Christmas and all the festivals are all about...
    From $18.13USD
  • Christmas Kitten Sweater – Cute Pets Red Animal Pullover Polyester/ Spandex Jumper

    So cuuuuute ! How can anyone resist this cute, adorable, sweet, charming sweater from buying it? All these dolly kittens are so lovely to be taken home along with Christmas cap...
  • Quick View red eyes lion cool sweater Red Eyes Lion Sweater – King Animal Invincible Black Polyester/ Spandex Jumper
    Sold Out

    Red Eyes Lion Sweater – King Animal Invincible Black Polyester/ Spandex Jumper

    Take a control of your life with this ferocious king lion cool animal sweater. Red eye of the lion looks so intimidating on the jumper; especially on the black color...
  • Crown Lion Sweater – Royal Animal King Golden Black Polyester/ Spandex Jumper

    Majestic Beast with honorary jewel studded crown on the top is one of its kind cool sweaters. Golden and black is a deadly combination of colors on the jumper; red...
  • Quick View Pizza Jaws - Cool Sweaters and Hoodies Pizza Jaws - Cool Sweaters and Hoodies
    Sold Out

    Pizza Jaws Sweater

    Cool Sweaters that you actually want to wear are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Our Polyester/Spandex blend create a comfortable blend that will make you never want to take our...
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Animals are a sweet and adorable gift from the god to the human kind and think when we carry these pretty, lovely and cute animals on our clothing, yes!

We heard you and brought the entire range of Animal Sweaters under our banner. You imagine what you crave for and boom, here you find it, like cute little Christmas cap wearing Pups pullover, Nirvana sweater or the Lama in the clouds jumper etc. All the animal sweatshirts have 3D prints that seem to be popping out of the animal clothing.

Check out all the enticing animal pullovers ranging from Unicorn Galaxy cat, swaggy sloth, cloud style owl, cute pug and red eye lion. There is wide category of themes available like, food, jungle, Christmas and fictional animal sweaters. We all know how crazy some of us are about their petsand keep them as family members. Therefore we have introduced the section Animal clothing to show your love to your favourite animals, be it laser throwing cat, swanky panda with cool attitude, ferocious lion with Christmas cap on and space cheese burger cat animal jumper to choose your loved one from.

You might want to take a look at cute Christmas cap on kittens, UFO cats, Crown wearing king lion and taco and pizza eating space cat. Watch out especially for the swanky Panda jumper that is fully loaded with swag and heavy gold chains around the neck. It’s the time for you to show your love and how you care for these gifted species. Also send a message to the society about no more animal killing in the name of fashion and wear these cool animal sweaters to tribute them.

Sweaters with animals on them are the best ones

Let your everyday be full of fun, enjoyment, energy and harmony with these animal fashion wear. Each individual animal sweatshirt is unique in its stylecreation and master piece with surprising and eye catching picture quality and long lasting, not fading mesmerizing vivid and bright sparkling colourful images of animals involved in also-also kind of bizarre activities.

It is our constant endeavour to give you a perfect fit and fashionable wear for you to make your personality even better, therefore we expect you to get your special animal sweater here. We also have brought various color options for you to choose from like aquatic blue, dazzling black, sparkling golden green, cloudy purple and charming red. We have got under water foodie shark with pizza jaws jumper.

It is pretty hard to ignore the supreme printing quality of these animal sweatshirts, since this is our motto to bring out the best for you. All these glittering, colourful and sparkling 3D image quality is based on an advance digital printing technology that produces flawless quality experience of graphics and images on these animal sweaters, I mean just look at the goggle wearing sloth and Jungle Toucan Sweaters. This amazing modern technology embarks long lasting and great digital print that will make it look every time you put it on.

Also the fabric used in the manufacturing of these animal sweaters is a special blend of polyester and spandex that provides you ultimate comfort and trendy appearance, both at the same time.

So we recommend you buy more than one; because it would be really hard for you to take it off your body and keep your lovely adorable and cute pet away from you. Well we know that you might wonder which one to pick from so many breathe taking designs and animal patterns so you can order all shortlisted animal fashion wear attire, since majority of them are limited edition and may not last too long in stock. So book your favourite animal sweater now, before anyone else claims it.

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