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  • KFC Sweater – Colonel Sanders Red & White Polyester/ Spandex Jumper

    KFC is a worldwide famous fast food restaurant chain. It is globally accepted second largest fried chicken chain in the world. This red & white KFC sweater is a must...
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What for do we all leave our comfort zone, go to the office despite Monday blues and work hard to earn money? Yes! You got it right its delicious food and thirst quencher drinks. Since this is the most important aspect and requirement of our lives, therefore we have dedicated the entire section of Drinks and Food sweaters. It is preferred for you to go through the mouth-watering, exquisite, flavourful, tasty and yummy edible printed cool Food & Drinks jumpers.

These Drinks and Food sweatshirts segment is a mix bag of healthy and not so healthy junk food items displayed in the menu here. Watch out for the available delightful, luscious, succulent and palatable consumables Food & Drinks pullovers like Danny DeVito Dorito sweatshirt, Colonel Sanders KFC Jumpers and Arizona tea jumpers.

Both varieties are here Fast food lovers and health and diet conscious people so you will see; some fruits patterns like, Juicy pineapple, watermelon and sliced orange based Food sweatshirts also as a not so health consumables you will notice, anytime favourite Pizza, burger, fried chicken and ice-cream based Food & Drinks sweaters to choose from.

Show your love to your favourite food this season, from a great range of tasty, juicy, crunchy, and cheesy consumable items. Let your everyday be full of these spicy, flavourful, glittering, chocolaty and mesmerizing edible items with these all item favourite Drinks & Food sweatshirts.

Another important tip is that these Food & Drinks clothing won’t even increase your calories so become a foodie without putting on the weight and stay in shape. Every individual Food sweater is uniqueand mater piece and a treat to watch with delicious and yummy picture quality and long lasting, not fading mesmerizing vivid and bright sparkling color images of your special craving.

We are sure that you will find your perfect delicious Food & Drinks sweaters to let the world know about your preference that makes you go hungry every time you look at it. These awesome Food & Drinks sweaters with special and bold impressions of divine edible items will drive you crazy and starving, so be cautious about your diet chart; I mean you just take a look at Red and white KFC clothing and you already are dreaming of juicy, crunchy and yummy fried chicken, watermelon sweatshirt with red juicy and sweet slices are calling you for a delicious journey, UFO pizza kitten pullover will let you put your diet plan on hold for a while and X-Mas cat riding Burger is certainly going to find a place in your plate without a second thought.

Think of sweet dish and you will find Smoky donut jumper and chocolate waffle fashion wear to fulfil your hunger desire. So mark your presencewith these ultra-modern, urban look, tasty and trendy Food & Drinks fashion wear. One similar attribute across all Food & Drinks pullovers is the shiny, colourful, glittering and sparkling colors and 3D image quality of Food sweatshirts.

This overwhelming and long lasting print performance is a result of an advance digital printing technology that produces tremendous quality of graphics and images. Well we know that you would get confused in selection of your appetizing Food & Drinks clothing.

Therefore we recommend you to order all shortlisted jumpers, since majority of these Food & Drinks pullover are limited edition wear and may not last too long in stock. Another point to mention is that; Polyester/ Spandex blend of fabric is used in the making of these spectacular, glorious and dazzling sweatshirts, to give you ultimate cosy comfort and flexibility.

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