Wolf Hoodies & Sweaters

Why wear one of our wolf graphic hoodies?

Wolves are noble creatures that have always symbolized the predator figure in our world. Wearing a wolf print sweatshirts or hoodies is a good way to show your temperament as a loner as well as a pride member. A soft garment is the best way to affirm to your loved ones your wild wolf character. It's the most effective way to protect your territory when it comes to looks, to come out of your den looking like a canine, also to assert your alpha male behavior. You'll be happy to wear something that your pack of buddies and your beloved will agree on. Take a look at some of the most beautiful Canis lupus-inspired designs. If you like timber wolves, arctic wolves, and even werewolves, you can be sure that your herd, no matter what their social structure, will appreciate your next top made in the lights of the wildest and most beautiful wolfs.

Why is the quality of our hoodies a major concern?

Looking like an alpha male predator is a priority, but the most important thing is to be comfortable in the clothing you wear. If you love the fur of wild wolves, you'll be amazed at how soft our unisex hooded sweatshirts are. Also, if you appreciate the strong mindset of a lonely wolf, you'll easily see the sturdy seams of which these tops are made. In addition to being super comfortable, they have essential features to last over time such as a cotton blend perfect that stands many washes. All the attributes of a hoodie made for everyday wear in a Canis lupus mood, yet if you are the pack leader or merely a member. A great way to be the most social animal in your wolf pack is to put quality at the center of the clothes you wear, as everyone will envy such a path. Choose the top that will give your daily outfits a boost, with a wolf design printed in top quality for an alpha male look that's fit to protect its territory.

How to properly carry our wolf sweaters?

If you love wild wolves, you'll love wearing one of our hoodies designed in the spirit of real lupus. It's hard to beat the suitability of these outerwear pieces for taking your friends’ pack out on the great plains or chilling in a bar. You can easily wear our tops with various chino or jeans for styles designed simply for fluffy features but in reference to the largest canid. It's up to you to come up with outfits that combine your love for the pack with your everyday style. We provide you with measurements so that even the largest specimen will have something to suit their body type. Pullover hoodies and sweaters that you'll be happy to wear with wolves from all hemispheres. Soft and fierce like a wolf or just like you, you'll be excited to wear one of these loungewear to rest and temper your lone wolf pack leader character. In addition, these clothe are available in many sizes and colors and shipping worldwide.

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