DODGE Christmas Sweater – Dogs Celebration Red Polyester/ Spandex Jumper

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DODGE Christmas Sweater – Dogs Celebration Red Polyester/ Spandex Jumper

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Look at these all cute party ready dogs, would not you like to them your home this Christmas. It’s a must buy sweater for all the dog lovers. With red outline on round neck, waist and wrists all these pups, jumper looks great with Christmas party caps on. You cannot keep yourself away from buying one for you and your loved ones. It’s a new fashionable pullover in town. This dogs celebration sweater is a unisex product and age is no bar as far as you are a pet lover. You can dedicate this pullover to your pet as well.

Most of us can relate to this theme as we all have pets and mostly dogs. So buy this Jumper for your loving pet.

This cute print of this sweatshirt is a result of an advanced printing technology that produces a real like image of the print. This jumper is designed very thought fully to get the Christmas celebration even better.

This round neck Dodge pullover is so comfortable to wear as it is made from Polyester/ Spandex blend of fabric. Elasticity on the wrist ensures the fitting and looks funky too.

You can wear and flaunt the dog sweater to your friends in school or colleagues; also this can be worn in a pyjama party too if you are going to miss your pet. May be you can be asked where did you get this from? Or Mate, your pullover is dope!

One suggestion though regarding the size of the pullover would be to buy 1-2 size larger than the size that fits you normally. Since we have our size a bit smaller than other brand products.

So go ahead and make it yours with our hassle free check out and swift delivery. All you need to do is to add the product to the cart and complete the transaction.


Cool Sweaters that you actually want to wear are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Our Polyester/Spandex blend create a comfortable blend that will make you never want to take our sweaters off. This DOGE Christmas sweater is printed using advanced digital printing techniques that deliver a high quality image with incredible vibrant colors. Choose your print, check out, and we will be to work immediately to get your sweater to you.

People will say: "That DOGE sweater is dope!" or "Can I buy your ugly christmas sweater right now?"

We recommend keeping your sweater safe, as people will want to take it from you. Maybe purchase a vault or large combination safe?


Our sweater sizes run smaller than the average. We recommend choosing a size anywhere from 1-2 size larger than your normal size. Please use the sizing chart below to determine what you need. Returns are a hassle for you and we would like you to be happy with the first purchase from us!

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