Psychedelic Purple Sweater – Hallucination Cats Polyester/ Spandex Jumper

Psychedelic Purple Sweater – Hallucination Cats Polyester/ Spandex Jumper


Our cool sweater sizes run smaller than the average. We recommend choosing a size anywhere from 1-2 size larger than your normal size.

Please use the sizing chart below to determine what you need.

Returns are a hassle for you and we would like you to be happy with the first purchase from us!

Here is the fresh purple sweater with so many cats on it giving you a hallucinating effect. Color combination of this jumper looks so amazing; that a second look is guaranteed no matter where you go. Look at the cute, adorable, kitten pets, you certainly would want to order one right now

It’s an elegant, stylish and ultra-cool sweater for you on behalf of your pet.

This 3D print of pussy kittens looks very innocent because of a result of an advanced digital printing technology which produces a real like image.

Put on this round neck sweater, made from Polyester/ Spandex blend of fabric. This stuff is very comfortable.

People will say: "That  Psychedelic purple Cat Sweater is dope!" or "Can I buy your sweater right now?"

We recommend keeping your sweater safe, as people will want to take it from you. Maybe purchase a vault or large combination safe?

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