Space Burger Cat Sweater - Animal Jumpers, Black/Violet Polyester Pullover

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Space Burger Cat Sweater - Animal Jumpers, Black/Violet Polyester Pullover

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You must be wondering while looking at the Cool sweater here, a cat standing on a burger? Well yes! This is not an ordinary cat; it’s a space cat who likes to have burger during the snacks time. 

Buying this cool space burger cat sweatshirt may turn you into a story teller and you would become a popular figure in your group. People would look at you and may ask something like, hey! What’s the story behind this print? Or where did you buy this cool stuff from? You can tell them, have you ever thought what if there was a cat in the space? What would she like to eat there, a burger? Yeah! Specially a cheese burger!

This shows how creative our design team is about designing sweatshirts for you. Also look at the awesome colours, which is a result of advanced digital printing technique that produces contrasting bright colours and makes the images look real.

This cool space burger cat sweater is made of Polyester/ Spandex blend, which gives you comfortable experience and freedom to do whatever you want to do. This is a style statement.

Now the question that crosses your mind is how to make this sweater yours? Simple, just add this wonderful sweatshirt to your cart, check out and our team will be on its way to make a swift delivery to your door step.

We know that customer satisfaction is an utmost priority for us

Cool Sweaters that you actually want to wear are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Our Polyester/Spandex blend create a comfortable blend that will make you never want to take our sweaters off. 

This Space Burger Cat Sweater is printed using advanced digital printing techniques that deliver a high quality image with incredible vibrant colors. Choose your print, check out, and we will be to work immediately to get your sweater to you.

People will say: "That ugly cat sweater is dope!" or "Can I buy your sweater right now?"

We recommend keeping your sweater safe, as people will want to take it from you. Maybe purchase a vault or large combination safe?

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